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Auto Detailing and Building Trust – The Most Important Step

The detailing industry has evolved tremendously over the past thirty years. Products and equipment have evolved allowing the detailer to offer a higher level of customer service. The styles, levels, offerings and the many faces can be challenging when deciding on whom to choose as your service provider.

One step that has not changed and never goes out of style is trust.

As a professional, asking questions and providing solutions to customer problems and concerns is at the forefront of each and every consultation. After collecting necessary information, we then provide a list of recommended services and an explanation for you to make a better-informed choice.

We do this because most of our requests sound like this, “How much to… detail my car?” “for a wax job?” “buff out my scratches?” “clean my interior?” and so on. These are very general requests, and when I started asking questions, every client had something unique and specific to them.

The need for consumer education was apparent thus our consultation process was adopted. Today there are many concerns about the chemicals used during the detailing process and rightly so.

Transparency in Auto Detailing

Transparency is also part of the process during the consultation as we demonstrate safe and effective chemical usage. A true professional will always have your best interest in mind and will use chemicals that are PH balanced that are designed to clean and treat surfaces inside and out without inducing any excessive wear. Products used for fabrics should not only be PH neutral but encapsulating as well, meaning no chemical residue is ever left behind.

Because you and your car are unique, it is our goal to provide each and every client with a one on one experience. When having your car detailed, education with transparency and honesty about products and procedures to be implemented is just another way of telling you we care.

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