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Auto Glass & Headlight Safety Tips

High beams working overtime?

Headlights Dull & Cloudy?

Headlight restoration is one of the many auto detailing services we offer here at DiFiore’s.

Glass Cleaning Tips

Are you experiencing windshield visibility issues during inclement weather or glare issues from the sun? After your car is washed is there residual residue such as grime, bugs, bird droppings, mineral stains, and water spots all still present on your glass?

Additional cleaning to remove any contaminants left behind can be removed safely with a magic eraser. Glass cleaning with alcohol or a mixture of 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with 1 cup of hot tap water can be used as an effective glass cleaner. These products will help you produce streak-free glass. For very dirty or cloudy glass it is recommended to add a pre-cleaning step. It is highly recommended to use clean cotton or micro fiberglass towels that are dedicated to only cleaning glass to avoid the transfer of unwanted residues.

Off-Gassing and Glass Issues

Often I am asked about cloudy films that develop on the inside of the glass. This condition is commonly known as off-gassing. Gassing results from toxic chemicals used to manufacture components inside your car, items left behind and the use of air fresheners. New car owners often experience additional gassing from all the newly manufactured materials inside the car. Off-gassing can also occur from snow and rain moisture on the floor of your car as well. The gasses are released and attach to the interior glass.

During warmer months off-gassing will increase. To help reduce the effects of off-gassing crack or roll down your windows and ventilate your car as often as possible. If you have a garage this practice will offer other benefits like helping reduce unwanted odors that often creep up over time.

Protection with GTechniq Nano Glass Coatings

Another way we help to keep your exterior windows clear while also offering you increased visibility with reduced glare and safety is to have a professional-grade window coating installed. A professional-grade window coating can last up to two years or about 30,000 miles. After the glass is cleaned an added step is taken to deep clean the glass with machine polishing prior to applying the glass coating. Benefits of glass coatings are increased visibility, reduced glare and at about 35 miles an hour, the water will bead away from your glass without the use of the wipers.

What is Windshield Protection?

Glass polishing deep cleans embedded contaminants trapped in the pores of the glass. Three coats of GTechniq nano glass coating is applied for two years of protection.


  • Improved visibility during inclement weather when drivers struggle the most
  • Road dirt, ice, and snow much easier to remove
  • Insects can be effortlessly washed away
  • Protects against mineral build-up, corrosion, acid rain
  • Reduces glare
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