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If It Matters to You, It Matters to Us: Professional Auto Detailing

When considering to hire someone to detail your car, truck or van it is important to consider what you are expecting to receive from the service upon completion. Why is this important? Today with the expansion of media and choices available to us, finding the correct service provider can be a bit confusing. It can appear that anyone or any business establishment that offers detailing is offering the same service for detailing. Simply put this would be like saying all restaurants serve the same food and quality of products and service are the same. Auto detailing is no different.

Please consider what you care about and what matters to you most. Considering how much you paid for your vehicle, and the value to you, to have it properly cared for and looking good for many years to come.

Did you know that a professional detailer can increase the value of your car because of the knowledge, tools and skill set they possess?

The medium cost of a car today is about $36,000. DiFiore’s professional auto detailing is the best car detailing near you in Connecticut and has detailed over 35,000 vehicles ranging in values from $2000 to over $300,000.

Since 1988 DiFiore’s Auto Detailing has been a professional car detailer in Connecticut. For thirty-one years and counting we have worked hard to offer you consumer education and the best auto detailing services in the area, from paint correction to smoke and odor removal, we’ll take care of your needs.

Questions to Consider Before Hiring an Auto Detailer

Answering questions as to what matters to you most can be helpful for your decision on who to hire when having your car detailed. We have listed some questions below for you to consider.

Is the business or person I am about to hire trustworthy?

Do you value quality and professionalism?

Are they a member of the International Detailing Association? (IDA

Are they certified trained professionals?

Do they ask questions about your concerns and needs?

Do they offer consumer education?

Do they have experience? How long have they been in business?

Does the business use quality professional products?

Do they have a variety of products to handle a large range of issues and variable types of materials?

Does the shop have a wide variety of tools and equipment?

Do they have the skill and knowledge to deliver the type of results you desire?

Will the finished service product be as advertised?

Will the protections applied last as promised? Wax only lasts 30-60 days at best.

Do they offer ceramic coatings?

Because you value quality and professionalism…

One of our top priorities is to provide consumer education and a willingness to answer all of your questions prior to you scheduling your appointment. It is important that we create value for you and that we are a good fit for each other so that together we both can shine.

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