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How Often Should You Buff Your Car?

Do I need to buff my car every year, at the same cost as today?

Absolutely not; here is why. Whether your car is new or used, our intensive paint preparation process is designed to decontaminate your car’s paint, trim and accessory surfaces to the highest industry standards.

The intensive first step process is our gateway to conditioning and reconditioning all exterior surfaces to optimum levels with specifically selected products to further enhance, clean, and restore surfaces to Better Than New, and Like New Condition.

Long-lasting protection begins with great paint preparation followed by polishing, utilizing Nano Surface Primers from Dr. Beasley’s, leaving behind a protective layer on all the surfaces.

Ceramic protection of your choice is applied, providing solid contact angled protection with cleaning properties that allow for water to sheet dirt away.

Proper washing maintenance is, as always, still highly recommended to keep your car looking clean and shiny.

Water beading and glistening on a hood’s surface is actually holding the dirt inside of the beading water, only later to dry on the surface, leaving mineral deposits and contamination behind.

Protection with engineered contact water sheeting cleaning properties from Dr. Beasley’s is unique, cool, and smart.

Once the decontamination process has been completed and your car’s paint has been professionally polished and protected, there is no need to keep polishing a car every year.

What should you do instead?

Good paint maintenance is, washing your car every 2-3 weeks, rain, sleet, or snow, 35 degrees and above, then scheduling an annual appointment for a decontamination wash and sealant application, no buffing necessary.

With good maintenance, we typically will not even consider buffing the paint for at least 3 years other than possibly some high-impact areas, or unless some surface damage has occurred.

Paint protection technology has evolved in the last 10 years with ceramic coatings, a protective layer that actually bonds and crosslinks paint, creating a hard surface barrier from the elements.

When Chemistry Aligns, Good Things Happen

The best practice is to use maintenance products that align with the protection chemistry on your paint.

Quality products like Dr. Beasley’s will not only clean your car but also feed and enhance the surfaces, providing a little added shine and protection.

For A New Automobile

  • Buff to finely clean the paint and pop the shine.
  • Then protect with a 1,3,5,7, or 10-year Dr. Beasley’s Ceramic Coating.

Maintenance: Wash every two weeks, rain, sleet, or snow, 35 degrees and up.

Apply: Maintenance sealant two or three times a year after washing.

Schedule: An appointment at least once a year for a professional decontamination wash and sealant application.

Machine Polishing: Should not be necessary for at least three or four years when 1 to 3-year protections are applied. Machine polishing under 3 years would be due to improper maintenance, unexpected scratching, or damage to the paint.

For a used automobile: After your paint correction has been performed, follow the same instructions above. 

Ceramic Coating Protection 5-10 years: Machine buffing, possibly, but only after the expiration date of protection applied.

The Bottom Line: Maintenance is Important

Buffing new paint refines the surface, removing manufacturing and industrial transport contamination, allowing the protective coating to fill and crosslink across all painted surfaces, providing a solid, long-lasting bond.

Think of the prep and buffing process benefits for excellent adhesion and protection, much like we prepare a wall in our home or finish wood surfaces.

Keeping your automobile looking and feeling like new for as long as you own your car starts with protecting the surfaces inside and out from day one.

Maintain by regular washing every two or three weeks, at least one annual professional surface cleaning enhancement protection.

Note: Wash by hand or utilize a touchless-only car wash. (Select wash, rinse undercarriage only, NO WAX)

Nobody is watching black and white television today, and we haven’t used wax since 1993!

Auto surface technology has evolved for not only exteriors but interiors as well.

Professional wash kits are available for purchase at our shop.

Meet our Forever You Will Shine Guy at your next detailing! 😎

Happy Motoring!

Joe DiFiore

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