How to Create Additional Value Before Selling Your Car

In today’s car market, used cars are selling for premium prices. So whether you are replacing an existing car or selling the one you no longer want or need, why not get top dollar by adding value back to the car? Detailing can highlight those bells and whistles that buyers are looking for.

Let us expedite the sale, expand market share, and help you get the best price for your car.

Special Note: It is important that the level of the detail is commensurate with the condition and value of the car. Cars three to five years old of a higher value that have been neglected tend to increase in real value when detailed accordingly.

In most cases, the following list suffices for most sales:

1) Exterior paint that is contaminate-free, with some added gloss with one to three months of protection. Noticeable marks, transfers, or real scratches that differ from the value should be addressed and commensurate with the vehicle and its value.

2) Clean the engine compartment for a thorough and complete maintained appeal.

3) In some cases, the interior and trunk can just be vacuumed and wiped clean. Most always, however, it is best to thoroughly steam clean the interior and trunk and make the car look and feel like new again.

Interior cleanliness is a huge selling feature to create additional value for the buyer, knowing that you have created a clean slate for the new owner, by ridding the vehicle of traces of your friends and family. This also creates additional value for you the seller because a prospective buyer will pay a premium for the confidence and quality of the car.

4) Intangibles like chrome, trim, wheels, glass, and door jambs should all be clean and contaminant-free.

If the car is just going to be traded in at the dealership…

just wash and vacuum the car and let them have it because unless you are a good negotiator, a professional detail will make little or no difference with most dealers.

If you are selling the car on the open market…

professional detailing should definitely be considered to help you create some additional revenue along with a quick sale for yourself.

Here’s a rule of thumb when considering paying for a professional detail service on a car you are selling.

For every $100 spent for detailing services, you the seller should be able to recoup your cost for the service plus 50-100% in additional increased value for the car you are selling.

For example, by spending $400 on a detailing service, you will recoup that cost and on top gain $200-400 in additional revenue on your sale.

You can easily obtain accurate car values online for very little or no cost. Exerting a bit of due diligence when planning to sell your car can add some additional shine to your pocket 😎

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