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Second Annual Love Your Detailer Day Recap: Pro Detailer Love

Love Your Detailer Day has once again come and gone, and will not end just because our special industry day is over. Our IDA members will increase, as the awareness for who we are and what we are about continues to perpetuate itself forward. The pro detailer love will continue with each and every passing day. IDA detailer’s, manufacture’s and distributors are passionate people about promoting auto detailing as an industry and a trade. As Detailer’s, we are much more than a cosmetic car care and surface specialist, we are a labor movement!

Yes, a labor movement! We come from all walks of life, race, creed and color, we are in fifty-two countries worldwide. Many of the detailer’s from around the world I have spoken too have sought out this industry for a variety of reasons. The common thread I have discovered is dissatisfaction with the alternative choices, a job! From those who are car nuts to those who love the challenge of restoring the cosmetic beauty of paint, metal and fabrics this is a freedom second to none. We are a breed all our own and with much pride and love for our craft we have once again flooded social media for the second year in a row. Love Your Detailer Day!

      The Early Days of Detailing

There is much to love about the professional detailer of yesteryear and today. There was once a time back in the seventies before the consumer vanity trend exploded when business owners, high paid white collar workers and car enthusiasts were the primary people who had their cars cleaned and shined. Detailing best described for those times was, wash and wax with interior care that was either vacuumed and wiped down or scrubbed with some nasty high alkaline APC, a bucket of water and a scrub brush. The work was grueling!

The early years for modern detailing began in the eighties with the expansion of the service industry. The ever increasing cost of owning an automobile had most owners keeping their cars longer.

The duel working household was also a major contributor and the lack of time to care for the second largest consumer purchase helped to fuel the need for professional care.

Professional detailing tools were slowly making it to the market place for business owners. The nineties and early twenty-first century brought more products, tools and technology to the industry.

For the business owner, who had a good business model and loved their clients, they survived and thrived. There were many challenges along the way, but for those who stayed the course with dedication and perseverance won the day.

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Today many of our IDA members are college graduates that detailed on the side during their years of higher education. Thanks to maturation of the internet, social media, an economic depression, lack of jobs and fair pay, the auto detailing industry became a boom for these individuals and the seasoned professional.

For over forty years labor has been marginalized, replaced by technology and labor intensive work was to become a thing of the past.

A Modern Landscape

We have seen the reduction of labor in food service, construction, hospitality, manufacturing with stagnant wages. Technological advances have simplified many of the processes in those and many other industries and the detailing industry is no exception. With the creation of the IDA and the advent of the professional detailer we are now becoming a force with a voice for professional labor, exemplified by fair practices and quality of life.

Love Your Detailer Day is all about creating group awareness for the dedicated professional detailer and our industry. February 15th our members took to social media promoting their membership, certifications, badges, company colors and videos aiding in further awareness to the general public and non member detailers alike.

As IDA business owners, we are a movement and we truly have only just begun. It is encouraged to post your IDA membership and certifications monthly on social media. Continue to create awareness for our industry and the professionalism it stands for. IDA strong! Forever We will Shine!

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